How to dress vintage style without looking ‘costumey’.

Let me start with expressing that I adore when you look like you walked straight out another era. To know your decades and to be accurate on hair, shoes and accesories, that’s being a true vintage lover. It’s all about wearing the syle that fit’s you best and I encourage it!

For sure, not everybody feels that way though. In our boutique fitting rooms, I most often hear: ‘I love this dress but it looks too nice – so when or where shall I wear it?’ As a stylist I then show two simple ways to wear your classic 20′s, 50′s or 70′s dress in a contemporary style:

1. The classic BLJ – or – the Black leather jacket. Any variety will do, my personal favorite is my pink leather jacket, that was actually my very first vintage purchase when I was 13. It’s too small for me now, but just saying, any leather jacket you have will do.  Our style guru, Louise Ebel, aka, Miss Pandora, has a few great examples:

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2. Combine with a pair of modern shoes. Again I refer to our miss Pandora, wearing our Bannou Vampire dress with modern ankle boots. In both pictures, Louise styled her hair & make-up, in a vintage way, but the shoes are so ‘now’:

732ef25c77c3b3590147c2dbc51fb0a3© Pauline Darley -

So those two simple things do the trick. And you probably already own these items. If you don’t have a leather jacket, what is more fun than a trip to the Monday morning Noordermarkt or the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam to search for the perfect vintage biker’s jacket? The search for a specific vintage item is thrilling.

Any more questions? In September & October you can catch me on Sunday’s in our Prinsengracht Boutique (not on the 16the of October though), then I’ll be at the Fair Fashion Week Fashion Show with our brand Bannou :)!

Hope te to see you.

<3, Aisha, you personal vintage stylist.


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